An initiative by non-profit La Route des Défis

An initative by non-profit
La Route des Défis

Together, let's act.

Financial donation

Our non-profit, La Route des Défis, is running since 3 years on a volunteer basis.

We are dozen of people working witout salary to achieve our projects. However, we must raise funds to finance consumables (fuel, hygiene materials, web hosting, etc.). To do this, donations play a vital role.

For this operation, collecting something as specific as a digital tablet should not prevent you from contributing to our initiative. Thanks to your donations, we are able to take our action on a next level.

The health crisis (hopefully) coming to an end, Operation LinkUp is destined to evolve. In this context, our non-profit reserves the right to reallocate donations received during the operation for similar activities.

You know it like us, money is a powerful mean to help people.

Do you want to financially contribute to our initiative ?

Financial Donation



La Route des Défis ASBL 

22 Avenue du Daim, 1170 Bruxelles, Belgique